Bidhyang, is a newly found gem of North Bengal and is the most promising off beat destination, situated beside the Relli River, which is approximately 15km from Kalimpong town. To reach Bidhyang, one has to take the diversion from 14th mile before Algarah and thereafter from Wachipa a 15 to 20mints drive through the Kachcha road will take you to the river bed. The most thrilling part of the journey is crossing the river bed to reach the spot. A small village at an altitude of about 3000 ft. A small off-bit and lesser known destination with greenness of all sides. On the hilly slopes with jigjaz form of road leads to Bidyang. On the way to Bidyang, while leaving Siliguri or NJP behind after few kilometers you will enter in the greenness of the wild. On both sides of the road you will find dense forests, after half an hour your car will start to move to the upward direction on the hilly terrain, along with River Teesta flowing at the bottom. From there you will reach at Lohapul, and then will come the Tessta barrage. After crossing Teesta will comes Kalimpong Town along with long stretches of Pine and Oak. From Kalimpong you need to move further to the downward section, a road of 15 km. Usually when we thinks of North Bengal or the surrounding hills we picturize the view of Mt. Kanchenjunga. And if you are in search of such a view, then at Bidyang you will not get it. Bidyang is actually a small village with stretches of Oak, Pine and Fir trees on all sides. In the silence of greenness here you will hear nothing except the chirping sounds of Himalayan birds from dusk till dawn and in the night only the sounds of insects. Here you can enjoy the beauty of the green canvas and mild sunlight all day long. In the evening as the moonlight falls on the bamboo forest, you will enjoy another outstanding view. The main source of livelihood of the locals here is cultivation of different types of vegetables like Brocholi, Squash along with many different types of medicinal plants. At Bidyang there are very few families who reside here, and they used to grow these vegetables in the lawn of their own houses. Apart from vegetables you will also find corn, banana, and other types of fruits. Not only fruits and vegetable, you will also get to see here a wide variety of Himalayan birds, butterflies, and insects which altogether gives Bidyang a different view.

Local Watchable: At Bidyang you can move around and see the agricultural areas of the locals where they are working all day long. The whole day will pass on identifying different types of flowers, herbal plants, birds, insects and butterflies. There is also a live stock farm, where you will get see turkeys, different types of fowl, jersey cows and there is a piggery. One thing here which is very fascinating is that, there is a small pond where the locals used to stock the waters from the falls and they have bring small fishes from the plains and started breeding those fish.

Places to Visit: From Bidyang you can visit to the banks of Reli River. In the monsoon the river remains full of water and the flow of currents is on the higher range. But in the winter here you will find much lesser amount of water, but still the currents in the flowing water remains there. On both the sides, straight hilly slopes has come down to the banks, you can also cross the river on the other side. It seems that from the dense greenness of the forest the river is flowing through the stones. You can also to the nearest orange orchard which is about 15 minutes trekking route.

How to Reach: From Sealdah or Howrah station by train to NEW Jalpaiguri. From there by hires jeeps to Kalimpong. Time taken about 3 hours. From Kalimpong at about 15 km is Baidyang, time takes about 45 to 50 min.


Doon Valley Nature Retreat, is the only option to stay at Bidhyang, which has 03 four bedded rooms, 01 four bedded cottage, & 04 double bedded cottages beside the river bank. The resort is having natural surroundings of the forest ambience plus its biggest attraction is the Hanging Wire Rope Bridge above the river to reach the spot by walking. Apart from just relaxing over there and listening to the sparkling rivulet one can go for 1/2hr trek to the Dima Falls. The attraction of the resort is a vast area of 14 acre, where the plantation of cardamom, corn and different organic vegetable can be found. The orange garden situated just 15mints away from the resort is also a point of interest for the wandering hearts.


Deluxe Four Bed Room: 1500/-

Super Deluxe Double Bed Cottage: 1800/-

Deluxe Four Bed Cottage: 2200/-

Service Charge: 10% Extra
Charge for Extra Person @Rs.200/- per person.
Charge for Extra Bed @Rs.300/- per person

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