The mystery magic and magnificent diversity- the incredible India is a medley of fascinating colors and culture, an historical legacy, a canvas of architectural masterpieces, and an extravagant exuberance of royal splendor. This land of sagas and ancient legends is home to the eternal symbol of love – the Taj Mahal, magnificent forts & places of Rajasthan, emerald beaches of Goa & Kerala, ancient caves of Ajanta and Ellora & the Golden temple of Amritsar.

Crowned by Himalayas in the North & surrounded by oceans in the South, India offers a platter full of variety, packed in one country. Ranging from walking trails through Himalayan villages, to desert camps in the sand dunes, tribal & rural experiences, modern metropolitan cities, wildlife parks, serene backwaters, adventure tours, the choice is only limited by your imagination!

The rich natural and historical heritage, architectural wonders, and a rich legacy of spiritual knowledge and classical arts of Incredible India are like a kaleidoscope that allows the travelers to have a beautiful experience and offers amazing travel and tourism options.

At Bhromon Darrpan – Tour Consultant & Operator in India, we know that there are many things to be considered before going on a Vacation Trip. Everyone has a different requirement as there are so many ideas to explore, various activities to try than visit to different places. Bhromon Darrpan will take you to a journey where you can feel and experience only the best thing that India has to offer to its travelers. As the name suggests (Bhromon – Means travelling & Darrpan- Means Views of travelling through different mirrors). We, not only consider tourism as a means of visiting various places but also exploring the unknown adventures and mysteries that every place has to offer with their own panoramic wonders.