Rangeet Majua also known as Rangit Majuwa is a hidden hamlet and a lesser known tourist destination of Northern Bengal and is an ideal escape for tourists seeking absolute peace and tranquility. Rangeet Majua or Majua Basti or Majua village lies within Darjeeling district in the Indian state of West Bengal. Rangeet Majua rests within the lap of nature on the banks of River Sawaji Khola (Khola is river in the local dialect) the source of which is River Rangeet. Rangeet Majua is nestled at an altitude of 1537 meter (5042 feet) and enclosed by Singalila Forest Range all around. Rangeet Majua is characterized by rising mountains, small Himalayan stream crisscrossing the mountain valleys, village life, agricultural fields, local people, along with abundance of wide varieties of flora and fauna. Rangeet Majua is inhabited by around 1200 people those are mostly Rai, Bhutia, Tamang, Sherpa and like communities. The main occupations of the villagers of Rangeet Majua are farming, cattle breeding and poultry. But for the last few years with the drastic rise in tourism along with the inception of eco-tourism in and around the small villages of both Darjeeling and Kalimpong, some of the villagers of Rangeet Majua have also started renting their houses as homestays for accommodating tourists and trekkers. Apart from being a tourist destination, Rangeet Majua is also known as a halting option for tourists and trekkers while their way to or from SandakphuRangeet Majua also offers stunning views of the snow-capped Himalayan ranges of Mt. Kanchenjunga and other peaks. All around the village of Rangeet Majua tourists can witness numerous agricultural fields of different types of vegetable which are grown through organic farming. The local inhabitants of Rangeet Majua village follow the process of step cultivation or terrace farming on the valleys. Apart from that the villagers of Rangeet Majua also grows different species of flowers in the backyard of their house. Rangeet Majua is also inhabited by wide species of butterflies those are mostly spotted near the river side of Sawaji Khola River.

Places to visit around Rangeet Majua:
Being an ideal staying option for solitude and nature loving tourists, Rangeet Majua also offers tourists with many places to visit those are located nearby.

  • Darjeeling: From Rangeet Majua in a day tour tourists can easily visit Darjeeling located around 28 km away. Tourists can get a hired vehicle from Rangeet Majua and visit Darjeeling.
  • LepchajagatLepchajagat is another point of tourist’s interest from Rangeet Majua located around 14 km away. Lepchajagat is mainly known for the magnificent view of Mt. Kanchenjunga along with the dense thick Pine forest located at its backdrop. From Rangeet Majua by a hired vehicle Lepchajagat can be reached.
  • Maneybhanjan: Maneybhanjan (the entry point of Sandakphu – Phalut tour) is located at a distance of 05 km uphill from Rangeet Majua. Apart from being an entry point of Sandakphu tour, Maneybhanjan is also a place to explore for tourists.
  • Sandakphu: Located at distance of 21 km away from Rangeet Majua and one of the ideal trekking destinations. Sandakphu can be easily reached from Rangeet Majua. If fact Rangeet Majua village can be an alternate night halt option while way to or way from Sandakphu trekking.
  • Tonglu and Tumling: From Rangeet Majua in a day tour tourists can easily visit both Tonglu and Tumling. Tonglu is located around 12.5 km away from Rangeet Majua while Tumling is located around 14.5 km away via Meghma.
  • Dhotrey: From Rangeet Majua in a day tour tourists can opt for a visit to Dhotrey located around 21.6 km away. Dhotrey is a small village mainly known for the stunning view of the snow-capped Himalayan ranges along with the village life.
  • Srikhola: Located at a distance of 45 km away from Rangeet Majua village and is also settled on the banks of River Srikhola.
  • Palmajua: Palmajua is another tourist destination settled within the periphery of Singalila National Park and is located around 30 km away from Rangeet Majua village. In a day trip from Rangeet Majua village tourists can easily hire a vehicle and reach Palmajua.
  • Bijanbari: Bijanbari is another beautiful tourist spot of Darjeeling Hills located at a distance of 28 km from Rangeet Majua. From Maneybhanjan while on the way to Bijanbari tourists will come across Rangeet Majua village.

Things to do around Rangeet Majua:
Apart from being a tourist destination, Rangeet Majua also offers handful of activities to experience for tourists.

  • Bird watching is one of the main activities Rangeet Majua village offers to tourists. At Rangeet Majua tourists can spot and witness the activities of numerous species of Himalayan birds those inhabit the village. As the village of Rangeet Majua is settled within the periphery of Singalila National Park hence tourists will get frequent sight of these birds and is an ideal destination for bird watchers and photographers.
  • Tourists can opt to spend some leisure time nearby River Sawaji Khola while at Rangeet Majua. In order to reach near the river bank tourists need to trek down around 500 feet by a route covered with thick natural vegetation. There is Bamboo Bridge constructed over River Sawaji Khola and on the other side of the river the route goes towards Bijanbari.
  • Rangeet Majua is also an ideal location for landscape photographers. The surrounding scenic landscapes of Rangeet Majua offer photographers with some of the excellent clicks which are worth admiring.
  • On a leisure day tourists can opt for a village trail around Rangeet Majua village. Tourists can meet the local people around Rangeet Majua village and get a deep insight of their day to day lifestyle.
  • Star gazing in a leisure night at Rangeet Majua is another tourist activity. During the night the sky twinkles with numerous stars which are worth admiring.
  • Tourists can also get involved with the local villagers of Rangeet Majua and get involved in their day to day activities which are also worth enjoying.

How to reach:

By Air: Bagdogra Airport is the nearest airport to Rangeet Majua located around 85.4 km away which is a journey of about 3.5 hours. Bagdogra Airport is well connected by regular flight services with Kolkata, Guwahati and Delhi. From Bagdogra Airport by hired vehicles tourists can reach upto Rangeet Majua via Maneybhanjan.

By Train: New Jalpaiguri railway station is the nearest rail head to Rangeet Majua located at a distance of 88.6 km away. New Jalpaiguri railway station is well connected with good railway networks with Kolkata and other major cities of India. From New Jalpaiguri railway station by hired vehicles tourists can reach Rangeet Majua via Maneybhanjan.

By RoadRangeet Majua is well connected by roadway networks with Siliguri (80 km), Darjeeling (28 km), Kurseong (45 km) and Ghoom (22 km). Both from Ghoom and Darjeeling the route to Rangeet Majua is via Sukhiapokhri and Lepchajagat. From Lepchajagat around 14 km is Rangeet MajuaRangeet Majua can easily be reached both from Maneybhanjan (05 km) and Bijanbari (23 Km) away.

Best time to visit Rangeet Majua:
Rangeet Majua can be visited throughout the year, but it is advisable to avoid the monsoon season. Summers are best to escape the scorching heat of the plains. In the summer season tourists can easily get around and visit the nearby places of Rangeet Majua. Winters are best to witness the snow-capped Himalayan ranges along with maximum bird activities. As Rangeet Majua is located within the periphery of Singalila National Park hence in the spring tourists can witness numerous species of Rhododendrons in bloom around the village.


Aranya Baas at Rangeet Majua or Majuwa Basti is the most popular and renowned homestay. The name Aranya Baas literary translates into ‘Forest Stay’. Aranya Baas is settled on the lap of Mother Nature amidst thick natural vegetation. Aranya Baas is an ideal stay for bird watchers and for those who wants to enjoy the solitude, calm and peaceful ambience. Aranya Baas serves tourists with pure local cuisines and also organizes the local cultural show on demand. At Aranya Baas tourists can witness the local life style and also collect valuable information on tradition and culture. The prime objective of Aranya Baas is to promote village tourism in and around the remote and unexplored villages. Aranya Baas consists of 08 to 10 rooms serving tourists with night halt options in homestay system. Aranya Baas is located beside Sawaji Khola River. The rooms of Aranya Baas are divided into Dormitory, Wooden-Bark Cottages, Standard rooms and Tree House. The cottages of Aranya Baas are spread across various levels and are completely made from the locally available products. All around the property of Aranya Baas tourists can hear the symphony of numerous birds chirping throughout the day.

Amenities available:
Rooms are made of wood, stone and bamboo.
Rooms are equipped with western style toilet.
Pick and drop facility available (chargeable).
Bon Fire and Bar-B-Cue available (chargeable).
Meals are served within the homestay.

INR @ 1800/- per day per person (both food and lodging).

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