Kashyem is a small Himalayan village in the Indian state of West Bengal located within Kalimpong district sadar sub division.  The small picturesque village of Kashyem is mainly known for the Cinchona plantation, lush green valleys, thick natural vegetation, the winding mountain roads and above all stunning view of the snow-capped Himalayan ranges of Mt. Kanchenjunga. Kashyem is perched at an altitude of 4000 feet and it lies on the bordering area between West Bengal and Sikkim beside the confluence of River Teesta and River Rongpo. The village of Kashyem is divided into two parts namely Upper Kashyem and Lower Kashyem. Kashyem village is a blend of history, local culture and natural scenic landscapes all around. As per history in the year 1901 the cultivation of Cinchona was first started at Kashyem and its surrounding places. At least one single individual from each house at Kashyem village is associated with the production of cinchona. Though the main source of livelihood Kashyem village is cinchona plantation and agriculture, but very recently some of the local residents of Kashyem village started renting their houses as homestays to accommodate tourists, which in turn enhances the scope of tourism business in this small hamlet and also builds up the economy of the village. The village of Kashyem is rich in flora and fauna. All over the village of Kashyem numerous trees are seen those date back to more than 300 years old and some are also declared as extinct species, those guards the village of Kashyem. Apart from this Kashyem is an ideal location for bird watchers as the village is inhabited by wide species of Himalayan birds. Most of villagers at Kashyem still follow the orthodox way of lifestyle or the traditional way to lead their life. As per the old tradition of Kashyem village the local villagers still uses wood for cooking purpose, which are collected from the forest nearby. The local children of Kashyem village mainly go for their higher schooling either at Munsong High School or at Kalimpong.

Things to do at Kashyem:
Surrounded by thick lush green vegetation, this tiny offbeat destination of Kashyem offers a plethora of tourist attractions all over.

  1. At Kashyem village there is a small old Church and a park built around a waterfall which are worth visiting. From Kashyem village tourists can visit Charchare Khola, a waterfall which is located at a distance of 20 to 25 minutes by walking. Charchare waterfall is nestled deep within the wilderness and is coming down from a certain height overcoming the mountains and meets at Rangpo Khola.
  2. Small trekking trails have emerged from Kashyem village which are worth experiencing. One such trekking trail leads to an abandoned Cinchona processing unit that dates back to the British era.
  3. Small jungle trails through the lush green Pine forests leads to different parts of the village of Kashyem.
  4. From Kashyem tourists can opt to visit the Old British Bungalow near Jalsa view point. Surrounding the bungalow periphery one can witness cinchona plantation along with cultivation of organic vegetables. This wooden bungalow at Kashyem is known as ‘Divisional Officers Bungalow’ built in 1901 as the residence of the Britsih officers who was appointed to look after the cultivation of Cinchona plantation at Kashyem village. Presently this bungalow is named as ‘Directorate of Cinchona and other Medicinal Plants’.
  5. At Kashyem village tourists can get an insight into the process of Apple production through step cultivation/ terrace farming process along with the production of other vegetables and fruits which are mainly grown through organic process. Along with that tourists can also witness the process of Kiwi production through organic farming at Kashyem village.
  6. At Kashyem tourists will also get to know the process of drying sugarcane and extracting sugar from those.
  7. Kashyem offers stunning views of both Sunrise and Sunset at the backdrop of mountain ranges, which is worth admiring. During sunrise the changing colours on the snow-capped Himalayan ranges is a sight worth remembering.
  8. Some of best spots of Kalimpong Hills are located within few kilometres from Kashyem. These are namely Deolo Park, Buddha Statue, Hanuman Temple, Statue of Guru Padmasambhav and others.
  9. From Kashyem in a day trip tourists can visit the nearby tourist’s destinations like Iccheygaon, Sillerygaon, Ramdhura, Munsong, Rishikhola, Pedong, Lava, Lolegaon and others.
  10. While strolling around Kalimpong from Kashyem village tourists can make a stopover at Durpin Dara view point which is an observatory point offering stunning views of the surrounding Himalayan ranges along with the confluence of meandering River Teesta and River Reili.
  11. Other points of tourist’s interest are a visit to the Damsang Fort at Pedong which is 20 km away and Silent Valley which is a small forestland.
  12. In the evening at Kashyem village tourists can enjoy Bar-B-Cue along with locally produced Chang (country liquor served in bamboo pot).
  13. Kashyem offers stunning view during the night time with the glittering stars of the night sky along with the blinking lights of the distant places on the mountain slopes. The view of the snow-capped Himalayan range of Mt. Kanchenjunga flooded in moonlight on a full moon night is also worth admiring from Kashyem.
  14. Kashyem Village is also an ideal location for landscape photographers, as the village offers ample options of landscape photography.
  15. Tourists can also for a village walk around Kashyem and meet the local people and get involved in their day to day activities.

How to Reach:

By Air: Bagdogra Airport is the nearest airport to Kashyem located at a distance of 100 km away. From Bagdogra tourists can either opt to hire shared vehicles upto Kalimpong which is a distance of 80 km away and from there by pick up vehicle one can reach at Kashyem village. Or tourists can also opt to reach upto Rongpo of Sikkim from Bagdogra and from there by pick up vehicle Kashyem can be reached. But it is advisable for groups to hire reserved vehicle from Bagdogra to reach Kashyem.

By Train: New Jalpaiguri is the nearest railhead to Kashyem located at a distance of 93 km away. From NJP railway station tourists can either opt to hire shared vehicles upto Kalimpong which is a distance of 67 km away and from there by pick up vehicle one can reach at Kashyem village. Or tourists can also opt to reach upto Rongpo of Sikkim from NJP railway station and from there by pick up vehicle Kashyem can be reached. But it is advisable for groups to hire reserved vehicle from NJP railway station to reach Kashyem.

By Road: Kashyem can be reached by two different routes. One is from NJP railway station or Bagdogra Airport via Sevoke road by the route towards Gangtok and reaches Rangpo check post. From there a route to the right side via Munsong tourists can reach at Kashyem. The other route to reach Kashyem is via Kalimpong. On both these routes hired vehicles are available to reach Kashyem. Tourists prefer to reach Kashyem by shared vehicle need to reach Kalimpong from NJP / Bagdogra. Again from Kalimpong one will get shared vehicles to reach Kashyem. By another route tourists need to avail shared vehicles upto Rangpo check post and from there by another shared vehicle tourists can reach Kashyem. But tourists are also informed that the vehicle service from Rangpo upto Kashyem becomes rare from afternoon.
Kashyem Village is well connected by good motor able route with Kalimpong (25 km) and Rongpo (17 km). Tourists will get vehicles on hire from Bagdogra Airport, NJP Railway station, Siliguri and other tourist’s destinations to reach Kashyem village.

Best time to visit:
Though Kashyem welcomes tourists round the year. But winters are the best to catch some of the best views of the snow-capped Himalayan ranges of Mt. Kanchenjunga along with maximum bird’s activity. Summers at Kashyem are the best to beat the scorching heat of plains. Monsoon is the season when the surrounding greenery becomes denser and tourist can also experience the floating clouds around them.


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Amenities available:
Rooms are well furnished with wide windows.
Attached western toilets in each room.
24 hours running hot and cold water.
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Pick up and drop facility available (chargeable).
Arrangement of local sightseeing with village tour.
Bon fire and Bar–B-Cue available (chargeable).
Room service available.

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Meals includes: Morning tea, breakfast, lunch, evening tea, snacks and dinner.

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