29 Mile Basti

29 Miles Basti is a picturesque small village, having a very few people with fewer huts. It’s encircled by the Buxa Forest. The Buxa hill of the southern hilly areas of Bhutan is seen on the north. A pondering local lumpen will educate you in the morning, about such a name of the village. It is 28 miles away from the nearest major town, Alipurduar. A mile away lies another amazingly tiny village called 29 miles Basti. Life is so easy here. 29 Mile Basti is a small village just at the foothills of Himalayas, in the Terai region of West Bengal. 29 Mile Basti comprises of dense forest, streams, hills and tribal village life. Village 29 Mile Basti seems like a portrait of a landscape drawn by a painter on his canvas and nature has poured its colours on it.. At 29 Mile Basti you will see long stretches of cornfields, the local villagers used to cultivate and grow corns in this village. As the corns starts ripen slowly, the cornfields changes its colour from green to golden yellow. Everywhere sweet smell of ripped corns will freshen up the air inhaled. And beside these golden coloured agricultural lands, there are dense forests. One can find that within this dense greenness hides river Masanikhola. And from there to the far guarded within the Sinchula is the Buxa Hills. Once you reach the place, its beauty will attract you so much that one will hardly likes to close their eyes. All over the place is awesome greenness and attractive landscapes. From Rajabhatkhawa check post through the dense forest, after a journey of about 10 km one will reach at Buxa More. From Buxa More to the right about a journey of about 5 km the route has gone towards Jayanti. And to the left side about 2 km you will reach at this beautiful village 29 Mile Basti, a village of absolute silence and greenery. At 29 Mile Basti, here live only 10 to 15 villagers. Every huts at this village is made of wood and the roof top is made of tin sheets. These houses are surrounded by long Betel Nuts trees. The front of every house is decorated with numerous colourful flowers. The local villagers are mainly Nepali and people of Kheria Tribe. The livelihood of these people are mainly agriculture, cattle breeding, gather dry woods from the forest and few are involved in driving. While planning for a trip to the Dooars and the Terai regions, one or two days in this village are must. Absolute silence and very beautiful, it will feel heavenly at this small village 29 Mile. A concept of eco-tourism has grown up in this village. Numerous Himalayan birds that move around are worth watching. These birds may include Ringed Necked Barbet, Himalayan Myna, Hornbill, Woodpecker, Tit, Indian Roller, Common Kingfisher, Pied Kingfisher and Common Indian Myna. Apart from these varieties of sparrows are seen. Very often Peacocks are visible at this village. Those who are keen on bird photography and landscape photography, for them 29 Mile Basti is an ideal place. An absolute forest life experience you will find at 29 Mile Basti. Very often one will get to see un-invitational visits of elephants from the nearest forest. These elephants come here to eat up the ripped corns from the fields. The local sight scene of the village includes cornfields, watch tower (these towers are mainly used the villagers to keep an eye on the cornfields), at a little distance is the dense forest of Shall and Shegun tree. Beside 29 Mile Basti there is another village 28 Mile Basti. And from there to a distance is the Santlabari, a village famous for its huge production of oranges. At Santlabari every Tuesday the local market opens, the local people those who arrange the shops to sell their products in this market are of the Dukpa Tribe. From 29 Mile Basti to the way of Santlabari one needs to go through dense forest of Shall, Shegun, Shimul, Sirish, Gamar. From 29 Mile Basti to the far distance the view of Himalayan Sinchula Range, Lepchakha Village at the top of the Buxa, Neora Peak (Pam Se La), Rupam Valley and Rovers View Point. To the eastern part of Dooars, within the Buxa Duar Range 29 Mile Basti is one of the best places to stay. From 29 Mile Basti within 7 km is Jayanti (the queen of Dooars), with 5 km is Buxa Hiils, Buxa Fort, Chunabhati, Lepchakha and Buxa Jhora (a beautiful waterfall). At this beautiful village the winter is awesome, the spring is beautiful, and the monsoon is quite and green.

How to Reach: From Sealdah many trains are available that reaches upto Alipurduar Jnc. From there about a distance of about 25 km through the forest is 29 Mile Basti. The nearest two major railway stations, Alipurduar Junction and New Alipurduar are about 40 kms away from 29 Miles Basti. Tourists who are traveling by their own car should take the NH-31 to reach Buxa through Rajabhatkhawa which is 25 kilometers away from the destination.


Buxa Eco Hut Homestay is the only accommodation available at this village 29 Mile. The Eco Hut is very well decorated with wooden furnished rooms, all rooms are with attached bath rooms. In house restaurant arrangements are also available and arrangement for local sight scene.

Room Tariff @ 1200/- (DBR) , 1500/- (4BR).

Service charge @ 10% on the room tariff.

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