Welcome to the gardens of Temi Tea Garden. This is where your favorite cup of tea begins its journey, season after season. Experience Temi’s time traveled story and take an inside peek into the tea- making process. Stay with us for a day. Or stay longer. Make great memories along hamlets and towns, flung around the gardens, and relish the garden’s magnificent backdrop. Travel into our world for tea. Taste its distant saga. The story of Temi Tea brewed in a quaint, Himalayan Kingdom. Far in a land of towering mountains, thick pines and Oak, the last King of Sikkim had an epiphany: one that gave purpose and work to those displaced along the Silk Route. In 1969 he converted 440 acres of land into a tea plantation that nature would craft with love. Differently, every season. Today, though much has changed a lot in Temi stays the way the Last King intended it to be. Come, experience his special journey and live the Temi Tea experience. The lie of the land shows gentle slopes that originate from the Tendong hill range.

How do you brew the perfect cup of tea? Or package up the finest batch of tea leaves? The answers lie in the sprawling 440 acres of the organic Temi Tea garden. A day in the world of Temi Tea will let you step into the shoes of a planter, also turn you into a tea connoisseur. It will then transform you into a tea plucker, a Temi local, and also serve you an entire tray of many other first – time experiences.

Old bungalows turned onto comfortable resorts and other luxurious hotels in the lap of the high mountains. There are a whole range of options for you at Temi. Even hostels too comfortably through yourselves and your backpacks into. Though if you want to experience every bit of Temi, stay with the locals of Temi at their homes. With many homestay options, you could travel back in years, to the roots of Temi’s culture. Relish slow – cooked meals, milk a cow, wake up to the alarm of the rooster. Make your tea and your tea leaves too. Put your saucepan and boiling water aside. And start the process of tea- making, right from scratch. In the lush, cool gardens of Temi, we offer you a chance to go into the tea garden and pluck those beautiful leaves that become your favorite morning liquor. Learn the process of making a tea leaf, brew – worthy. All the way from scratch, experience this fine, time – taking process from garden, to factory, to your cup – and savor every sip of tea. Made in the classic way that it has always been.

Visit the Temi tea factory that has withstood the test of time. A well – preserved building where tea is packaged and legacy is respected. At the Temi Tea factory, you will go back to the way Temi Tea is made market ready. The workers will take you through the process followed for years now and every corner will take you a story of the past. With the mountain bike, or a quad you can see the cherry blossom strewn trails of Temi against the splendid Mount Kanchenjunga. Take pictures while paragliding and get a bird eye’s view of the people who pluck your favorite tea. As you enjoy the nip in the air and glide over the green. Walk, into the house where it all began, into the yard of an ancient bungalow that has withstood the test of time. Here, the first two tea plants of Temi are still strong and deep rooted in its soil. Planted by the last King and Queen of Sikkim, the two tea plants are a testimony to Temi Tea Garden’s legacy.


Spread over three days, the Temi Autumn Carnival is an annual calendar event that marks the end of tea harvesting. Celebrating the four seasons of tea, the carnival is a gateway for everyone. With full – bodied cherry blossoms adorning the gardens of Temi, autumn is the perfect time to savor a ping bouquet crafted by nature, in the midst of greens. But there is more than just the visuals here. A whole range of activities lined up from paragliding, zip lining, and all terrain vehicle rides, with music at the end of every day, the carnival is the perfect end to the seasons of Tea.

Whatever it is that you travel for, start the journey with a cup of tea. Here at Temi, we arrange for you tours around the South Sikkim districts too. Take a pick from the various itinerary options, or take all for the next few days. Start and end your exploration at Temi. We promise that you will go back home fresh, like the air and the mountains of Temi.

South Sikkim has few of the most magnificent natural spots, making it every adventure lover’s paradise. From secret trails to caves to gardens, start the morning at Temi and get your adrenaline rushing. All day long.

Rukumtar – Mainam Trek – Tendong Trek – Lekshep Hotspring – Rabong Cave – Seven Hills – Chemchey centre of adventure – Namchi Ropeway – Rock Garden Namchi – Tarey Bhir (Sadam)

From dance to fabric to cuisine – South Sikkim is a potpourri of Sikkim’s three diverse, vibrant and beautiful cultures. Start from Temi and witness it all.

Rabong Handicraft – Namchi Handlooms – local cuisines and dance.

Get a chance to visit India’s four holiest Hindu pilgrim sites at once, or feel dwarfed by towering statues of Lord Buddha or Guru Padmashmbhava. Start at Temi and journey inward.

Ngadak Gumpa both new and old (Namchi) – Samdruptse Hill – Buddha Park – Char Dham – Sri Shirda Sai Mandir – Bon Monastery – Dalim Gumpa – Ralang Gumpa – Allay Gumpa

Witness a method of farming that is ethical, healthy and safe. Sip your cup of organic Temi tea and explore a beautiful sustainable way of life.

Chemchey coffee plantation Jawbari organic farming – Chalamthang herbs and spa. 

Getting There: Temi Tea Garden is well connected with the major towns of North Bengal and Sikkim. On can reach Temi Tea Garden from New Jalpaiguri railway station the main gateway to the North Bengal Hills and Sikkim. From here at a distance of about 121 km is Temi Tea Garden. Another route is for those who travel by flight, the one and only airport is Bagdogra which is at a distance of about 124 km from Temi Tea Garden. Other districts or towns are Darjeeling which is about 98 km and Gangtok is only 57 km from Temi Tea Garden.

Best time to visit: Though Sikkim can be visited throughout the year, but it is recommended to avoid the monsoon or the rainy season. Autumn is the best time of the year to experience the “Temi Autumn Carnival”. During the winter the sky remains clear except in extraordinary circumstances and is the best time for photographers.


Tariff @ 1100/- per day per day (includes lodging, morning tea, breakfast, evening tea, snacks and dinner) & @ 1300/- per day per head (includes lodging, morning tea, breakfast, lunch, evening tea, snacks and dinner).

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