Reshamgaon is a tiny hamlet lies within few kilometers from Kalimpong town by the uphill road. At Reshamgaon absolute silence waits for the tourists along with the thick clouds and long stretches of mountains. Reshamgaon is located very close to Kalimpong town with few homestays those serve the tourists. One can reach Reshamgaon from New Jalpaiguri via Teesta  Corronation bridge and Kalimpong or one can also take the route from New Mal Jnc. Via Odlabari and Dooars. From Kalimpong towards Algarah there is a small route to the left hand side, the road is a straight uphill. After few steps the concrete road will disappear and the after that rest of the journey is on the boulder road. While heading towards the village on the hilly terrains there is a small school, where the local children come and study. All this comprises Reshamgaon a complete picturesque hamlet. One you step into the village, you will get to see that thick clouds waits to greet you welcome. Reshamgaon village lies with 4 to 5 kilometers away from Kalimpong town. As the name suggests Reshamgaon is mainly famous for its cultivation of Silk (locally known as Resham). Reshamgaon could be included in your next travel plan to the North Bengal hills, 1 or 2 days stay in this village will surely mesmerize you. The locals of this village are mainly Pradhan,  Lepchas and Bhutias. Few local villagers have used their own houses as a means of homestay for the tourists. From Reshamgaon on a clear day one can get a clear view of Mt. Kanchenjunga. The temperature of this tiny hamlet remains moderate in the month summer and it falls nearly 2 to 3 degree Celsius in the winter season. Activities like village walk, trekking, birding and nature photography can be taken part while your stay at Reshamgaon. Or one can just sit in the absolute silence and enjoy the beauty of “Sleeping Buddha” (Mt. Kanchenjunga). As the Sun sets and the darkness gathers in this Hamlet, the hills of Kalimpong and in the Delo get lighten up slowly that leaves a marvelous view. In the night you can enjoy the bonfire beneath the night sky, if the night remains clear, it will seem the starts are coming down on the earth. There are numerous gardens in the hamlet where colourful flowers and orchids blossom up every day morning.  While the bell rings from the village school the local children heads towards their school with a cute smile on their face. It feels these cute smiles wrap us just like the sunlight, which wraps us in the winter in this hamlet. While you are through these hilly terrains, you will come across many small local shops selling, Momos and Thukpas for the locals as well as for the tourists and those are worth tasting.  One thing one can experience while their staying in this hamlet is that here times does not pass like the blowing winds instead it passes like the moving clouds.


From Kolkata station, Sealdah and Howrah many trains are available those reaches to New Jalpaiguri. Or from Dum Dum Airport one can reach Bagdogra by flight. From NJP or Bagdogra vars are available on the way to Kalimpong and Algarah. Times takes about 2 to 3 hours.


Reshamgaon can be visited throughout the year, except the monsoon season; due to heavy the route becomes slippery. In the winter is it is recommended to carry heavy winter cloths, but in the summer light winter cloths will serve the purpose.


From Reshamgaon, on a day one can visit the nearest places Kalimpong, Algarah, Sillerygaon, Pedong, Lava.