Sillerygaon is a small village located within few km from Algarah via Kalimpong. Sillerygaon is a picture-perfect Himalayan hamlet, which nestles at a height of about 6000 feet. Sillerygaon is located 96 kilometer from New Jalpaiguri via Kalimpong. Just on the top of Pedong near the forest on the hilly terrain a concept of village tourism has grown up. Sillerygaon can also be an ideal option for the view of Mt. Kanchenjunga like the view from Rishyap, Lolegaon, Charkhole or Kolakham etc. on that region. In the evening at the time of sunset, as the light plays a colourful role on the mountains, it displays an outstanding view. From Sillerygaon village it is clearly visible. From the village there is a view point from where the view of Mt. Kanchenjunga is very clear along with the Sunrise and Sunset and along with every turning of the river. Sillerygaon can also be an ideal picnic spot in under the shades of the Pine, the place is also known for its pine forest. The name “Sillery” is derived from the name of a plant that grows in abundance in the region. This area also abounds in Cinchona Plantation which was introduced in this region by the British, as a source of Quinine used for the treatment of Malaria. Sillarygaon houses around 30 families for whom felling of trees and basic agriculture was a way of life before village Eco-tourism paved the way for an alternative source of livelihood. From Sillerygaon within 8 km distance lays a partial town and partially village Pedong. There lies the church of the German Missionaries and University, Buddhists Gumpha and Cross Hill. From the Cross Hill top a wide part of East Sikkim is clearly visible. From Sillerygaon around 4 km route leads the road to the nearly ruined Damsang fort. This fort which had been built in 1690 by the Lepcha Kingdom and it was the nerve center of ethnic violence between Lepchas and Bhutias. In the night to the far distant a view of light of the hills are worth watching. You can also visit Rishikhola and Aritar via Rehnok. Sillerygaon lies at a distance of about 20 km from Rikkisum and about 80 km from Silliguri via Kalimpong and Algarah. Snow-capped mountains, forests of Pines and clouds floating around all comprises of this small hamlet Sillerygaon. Here you will get to see numerous varieties of flowers along with Mt, Kanchenjunga. Sillerygaon can be reached from Siliguri either by the route of Kalimpong via Algarah, or by the route of Gorubathan from New Mal Jnc. via Lava. Sillerygaon is a picture-perfect Himalayan hamlet, which nestles at a height of about 6000 feet. Sillerygaon is located 96 km from New Jalpaiguri via Kalimpong. Sillerygaon is encircled by Pedong, Rishi and Aritar. The village is the home to the highly revered Sanghen Dorjee Monastery, located near Pedong. There are many homestays from where the step cultivation and the greenery on the hilly terrains are clearly visible. The mild sunlight along with the Kanchenjunga view and the eye catching view of Pine forest are worth watching. From Sillerygaon one can go for mild treks, hiking, or bird-watching trail. At the early morning visiting to the nearest Ramitey view point is another adventure which is worth enjoying during your stay at Sillerygaon. Keeping an eye on Mt. Kanchenjunga along with other peaks and the sunrise from there is worth viewing. From Sillerygaon you can visit to the Tinchuley view point, Iccheygaon and the nearest Lepcha market Damsang. On the way from 20 Mile to Sillerygaon you will get to see green paddy fields with step cultivation and Silent Valley. From Sillerygaon by car you can also visit to the nearest destinations like Lava, Rikkisum, Pedong, Rishikhola. In the evening you can enjoy the taste of village Barbeque. Silleygaon can be an ideal option while planning for Sikkim Silk Route trip. Best time to visit Sillerygaon in through out the year, but it is recommended to avoid the rainy season.

How to reach: From Siliguri to Kalimpong. From there 15 km road to Algarah and then from there a little further is Damsang. From the way of 20 Mile 4 and half km route will take you to Sillerygaon.  Many trains are available from Sealdah and Howrah station, like Darjeeling Mail, Padatik Express, Sarighat Express, Kanchankanya Express, Haldibari Int City Express which will drop at New Jalpaiguri Railway Station. 


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