Rangaroon Tea estate was used to be a special preference to the Britishers during their rule in India. Till date the tradition continues as same as before. As far as our eyes can see, there are long stretches of lush green tea gardens all over. From Rangaroon Mt. Kanchenjunga is also clearly visible. Rangaroon is guarded by the forest from its eastern, northern and southern part. And to the western part Aluabari Tea estate, Fullbari Tea estate and Pandim Tea estate has divided Rangaroon tea estate by Rongdong Khola River. In the spring Rangaroon blossom up with the colours of Rhododendrons and Magnolia all over. From Darjeeling at about 16 kilometers is Rangaroon Tea Estate. Rangaroon is at an altitude of about 6100 ft above sea level. Out of 147 hectors area of Rangaroon, 90 hector is covered with tea estate. The name Rangaroon is of Lepcha origin and translates into “The turning of the great river”. Indeed, it is at this valley that the River Rungdong takes a turn.  Rangaroon is now in the first series among those places that comes under Darjeeling Tea tourism. From Darjeeling on the way to Jorebunglow, to the south-eastern region of Ghoom, about an area of 40 Sq. Kilometer is the oldest wildlife sanctuary of India, Senchal. After crossing the boundary of the sanctuary at its highest point is Chatakpur Eco Village. From there just to the downward side is the Rangaroon Tea estate. From there to the opposite end is the Mt. Kanchenjunga. From Rangaroon the foggy mountains, the Observatory Hills, Tiger Hill and along with Darjeeling is clearly visible. At Rangaroon one will get the taste of village tourism, the organic foods that are produced at the backdrop of each house. Foods are available in both vegetarian and Non Vegetarian. At the middle of the village there is a temple of a goddess. On special occasions peoples from distant villages gather up here to offer their prayers. The Rongdong River that flows through the lower end of the village has met up at Pandim Tea Estate. In the winter season the locals of the village (Rangaroon) visits near the banks of the river for picnic and winter activities. Fishermen indulge themselves in fishing activity. From Rangaroon the bank of the river is 1 and half kilometer. From here one can move around and visit the Bungalow of the manager of the Rangaroon Tea Estate. Though after the renovation work the old artistic model of the Bungalow is still there.  As Rangaroon is very near to Senchal Wildlife division, therefore varieties of Himalayan birds and numerous butterflies are seen here. At Rangaroon one can indulge themselves in activities like rock climbing, mountain biking, camping, trekking, hiking and nature walk.

Best Time to Visit: Rangaroon can be visited throughout the year, but the winter is the best time to catch a glimpse of the snow capped mountains of Mt. Kanchenjunga along with other peaks. The Sunrise can be best view in the winter season. The spring (March- April) is the best time to view the numerous species of Orchids, Rhododendrons and Magnolia. In the monsoon the tea gardens blossom up with absolute greenness as the plants starts to grow new tea leaves.

Things to do: There are several things and activities one can take part in while their stay at Rangaroon. Among these nature walk along the tea gardens, trekking, joined the locals as they get indulge in plucking the tea leaves. Also one can get involved in bird watching along with nature photography. As the place is very close to Senchal forest division, therefore availability of several birds are seen.

How to Reach: From New Jalpaiguri Railway station Rangaroon Tea Estate is about 75 kilometer. From NJP on the way to Darjeeling from 3 mile road to the right hand side to a distance of about 4 kilometer is Rangaroon Tea Estate.


Khaling Cottage is the best accommodation available at Rangaroon.


Tariff @ 1350/- + 9% (tax) per day per head (both food and lodging included).


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