Pabong is a small Himalayan village situated in Northern side of West Bengal. Pabong is surrounded by dense greenery of Debdaru, Oak, Pine and small Orange orchard. On a clear day Mt. Kanchenjunga is clearly visible from here, during Sunrise as the rays falls on the peak it reflects a golden colour. Pabong is a small hamlet within the absolute silence. Perched on mountain slop and guarded by Neora Valley National Park to the far, this tranquil village of Pabong has escaped the clutches of commercialisation and mass tourism. Pabong is located with few kilometres from Lolegaon, at an altitude of about 4700 feet. An open gallery for the majestic view of Mt. Kanchenjunga. Each and every house in this Himalayan village has attached lawn, where numerous flowers blossom up every day. From Pabong crisscrossed roads has intersected to the far settlement. An ideal gateway for bird watchers. In every nooks and corners of Pabong varieties of Himalayan birds has inhabited few may include Swallow, Laughing Thrush, Swift, Babbler, Warbler, Roller, Minivet, Sunbird and many more. All these birds and blossoming flowers comprise the beauty of Pabong. Pabong is very well known for its organic process of agricultural methods. The main source of livelihood of the locals is agriculture. As one steps into the dense greenness of Pabong, you will be greeted with numerous Himalayan birds and deer. From Pabong you can visit to the nearest settlements of the Gurung. An absolute silent settlement and an ideal place for the sunset. At the front numerous mountain peaks are seen to the far horizon. After dusk, as the sun sets in the west, one will be amazed to see the moonlight, it seems like moon itself is coming down to earth. As the day ends at Pabong, you will notice that dense thickness of Pine and Juniper becomes parallel with the sky and the leaves depict different colours, as if one has drawn on the canvas. Different colours of mountain range one after the other. From Pabong at a distance of about 7 kilometres lies the settlement of the Gurung’s. From Pabong during night the lights of Namchi, Kalimpong and Delo hills seem like countless small stars. At early morning, one will open their eyes with the call of Common Hill Mayna. Apart from agriculture, the locals of this village are also involved in cattle farming and making of organic pesticides.

Things to do: At Pabong, you can go for village walk and get to know about the daily life of the locals. From Pabong, there is a garden of Ealichi and Squash, which are worth watching. Charkhole, another spot which is about 4 kilometres from Pabong. One should try trekking to the Neora Valley forest or can also sit back and feel the absolute calmness of the village.

How to reach: From New Jalpaiguri to the way of Kalijhora, Samtahar, Charkhole at a distance of about 67 kilometres is Pabong. From Kalimpong town at about 34 kilometres is Pabong. From NJP railway station shared jeeps and reserved cars are available those reaches upto Pabong.

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